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Co-operate structure

Location and Division of IT governance

3-D Leadership Model

Major Factors in the model

Presence or Absence of the factors



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According to the Concepts of Leadership (2013) report, different companies are looking forward to adapting leadership models which address specific leadership problems and challenges depending on the situations that arise.

Wal-Mart is one example of companies with a cooperate structure that has successfully integrated and used the 3-D IT leadership model to provide successful leadership solutions (Sehgal, 2011).

Success has been in the provision of a powerful management team, effective time management, and optimal employee performance (Kranz, 2013).

The 3-D leadership model provides the most effective and practical set of solutions for leadership challenges based on different situations by combining leadership theories in the context of task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership dimensions (Kranz, 2013).

Co-operate structure

Wal-Mart has a strong corporate governance structure which is critical in the success of its business strategies ( Walmart’s strong IT will be key in strategic shift, 2010).

Based on an effective leadership model, the company operates with accountability and integrity under a board of directors from different backgrounds, qualifications and experience in leadership and governance, under the leadership of Mike Duke, the president and CEO ( Walmart Global Compliance Action Steps, 2013).

The corporate information structure is defined by the core “values of honesty, fairness and objectivity guide our business and ensures we maintain the trust of our shareholder” (Muller, 2011).

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Management ?

The corporate information technology committee is appointed by the board of directors to provide advice and instructions on matters related to e-commerce, innovation, and Information Technology.

Any matter that fall under the responsibility of the committee is executed with the support of the board of directors for the benefit of the company.

The committee provides leadership in product innovation, e-commerce operations, measurement and tracking of the operations of the company, integration of company Information Technology infrastructure and related operations, approaches to technical innovations, and the use of IT to conduct annual performance reviews.

The board of directors’ chart is shown below.

Location and Division of IT governance

The location of Wal-Mart’s corporate office is in Bentonville, USA. It has a corporate office with a corporate campus with 11000 associates ( Walmart’s strong IT will be key in strategic shift, 2010).

The 3-D leadership model enables the management to provide effective leadership which promotes effective employee performance in providing efficient service deliveries, efficient supply chain operations for all its enterprises, effective information sharing on its product inventories, purchasing firms, and other stakeholder information for efficient and effective service and product deliveries ( Walmart Global Compliance Action Steps, 2013).

3-D Leadership Model

Wal-Mart has integrated the 3-D business model in addressing leadership challenges and providing the required organizational leadership for the giant company (Sehgal, 2011).

The 3-D IT leadership model is defined by two critical leadership components based on the situational and task-oriented leadership theories.

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The management of the company focuses on the use of either the task or situation oriented decisions to provide appropriate leadership. In each case, different situations require different approaches to providing leadership solutions.

At Wal-Mart, different employees are from different cultural and educational backgrounds and the company operates in different countries with different people with different cultural orientations and values ( Walmart Global Compliance Action Steps, 2013).

The 3-D leadership model is critical in providing the most appropriate management support to provide different leadership solutions for different situations. Some leadership decisions and behavior can be appropriate for some situations and inappropriate for other situations.

Typically, managerial behavior can be appropriate or inappropriate, depending on the situation. The underlying rationale is to show a leadership style that is appropriate for a specific situation, but which can be inappropriate for another situation.

Each situation demands a different leadership approach ( Walmart Global Compliance Action Steps, 2013).

The three dimensions of the 3-D leadership model are based on task, relationship, and effectiveness.

The effectiveness of Wal-Mart’s leadership style is based on the use of IT to positively influence excellent decision making based on the uniqueness of the task, the situation, and the relationship between employees and the management to effectively pursuit organizational goals reviews.io.

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The model provides the required framework and support for managers to direct employees’ efforts towards the attainment of Wal-Mart’s business goals.

The 3-D model provides an excellent framework for effective managerial decision making in controlling, directing, and planning of the management functions of the company.

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To be effective in providing leadership, the management strives to develop a strong interpersonal relationship with the employees of the company through regular meetings based on an effective communication system under the leadership of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) ( Walmart Global Compliance Action Steps, 2013).

One of the benefits of the 3-D IT leadership is the success of the company operations of the company.

Success has been in the record levels of sales the company has been making, the effective supply chain system the company enjoys, the ability to provide low cost products against competitors, and the growing market share the company has experienced in the recent past ( Walmart Global Compliance Action Steps, 2013).

Major Factors in the model

The main factors that define the 3-D IT leadership model include the effective use of information technology to provide leadership solutions that are suitable to specific situations. That makes situational awareness the critical component of the leadership model (Reddin, 2013).

Another major factor of the leadership model is task orientation. In this case, the leadership model provides management with the ability to provide leadership solutions based on task requirements.

According to Shane (2009), the management has to plan, direct, and organize for the execution of tasks that are relevant in driving the organization towards success.

The approach used to direct employees in carrying https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Edubierdie-com-EI_IE2606759.11,25.htm out organizational tasks towards the attainment of organizational goals and objectives.

Other elements in Wal-Mart’s the 3-D leadership model include employee adherence to the policies and rules defined by the management, close employee supervision to achieve the organization’s goals, and effective attainment of the organization’s goals (Shane, 2009).

Presence or Absence of the factors

Wal-Mart’s 3-D IT leadership model lacks the essential component of switching between different leadership styles depending on the prevailing situation to achieve success. The company’s leadership lacks some of the four components that define the leadership model.

The components include “low relationship orientation and low task orientation”, which is referred to as the “separated type” for effectiveness.


The 3-D IT leadership model, which is defined by the relationship, task, and effectiveness components for efficient leadership, has propagated the company to greater financial success and a strong market positions.

However, the need to integrate the lacking elements is critical to enhance the efficiency of the company in its business operations.


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